Heinz Beck is one of the most popular and worshipped figures in the fine food world. His authenticity and brilliance paved the way for the international cuisine, especially the Italian one; there his intense journey started, soon leading him to the creation of his unique and inimitable style.
Cuisine Master and fond lover of every artform, he has been leading “La Pergola” of Rome Cavalieri since 1994, a restaurant he has been managing from the start up to its 3rd Michelin star.
Balance and discipline are determining both in the kitchen and in his everyday life: the thorough observance of the rules, together with Heinz’s unquestionable talent and creativity, turned into a universally recognized technique, cherished by the entire gastronomic literature.

The amazing feeling with Heinz emerged immediately and this is why we decided to embark on this special journey together, creating a food partnership which has been going on for years now.
What I love about Heinz is his spontaneousness, his natural and truthful approach backed by the iconic Teutonic strength and perseverance

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